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1.  A Church Positive About The Bible

2.  A Church Positive About Life

3.  A Church Positive About Eternity

4.  A Church Positive About The Church

5.  Backward and Forward (A New Year’s Sermon)

6.  What Would God Say To America (Following 9-11-2011)

7.  Justification By Faith #1

8.  Justification By Faith #2

9.  Justification By Faith #3

10  Justification By Faith #4

11.  Jesus Came To Look For You

12.  Why The Gospel Is Good News

13.  Where Are You?

14.  Does Anyone Know You’re A Christian?

15.  A Christ-Like Standard For Living

16.  The Power Of An Invitation

17.  What It Means To Have Faith

18.  Assessing Your Faith

19.  Traditions VS Doctrines #1

20.  Traditions VS Doctrines #2

You'll find a selection of sermons here by Dr. Bill Denton.  Most are individual lessons, with a few short series intermixed.  Though all the sermons here are copyrighted, you may use them for your own personal study, for research and help in preparing your own lessons, or for use in Bible classes.  For group study or classes, you may copy the outlines and distribute them to the students.  All we ask is that you keep the copyright notice intact, along with our web site address, and/or that you give proper acknowledgment when used to prepare your own original documents.

Individual Sermons