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Three sermons on basic, fundamental concepts of faith.  These lessons can serve as the groundwork for a deeper appreciation of the definition and nature of faith, the kind of faith that leads to salvation and our identity as a people of faith.  Whatever faith is, it cannot make grace something different than what it is -- the free gift of God.  Faith does not earn or deserve salvation.  It is not meritorious at all.  The object of faith is always God and His Son, Jesus Christ.  These lessons can give you a new appreciation for biblical faith, challenge you own walk of faith, and help you understand the relationship between faith and salvation.


Faith Basics #1

The Meaning of Faith

Faith Basics #2

The Faith That Saves

Faith Basics #3

We Are The Faithful

Please forgive the unavailability of these outlines. These are some older files and we’re reworking them for ease of use. Please check back later.