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The Beatitudes

These sermons are currently unavailable. They are being reformatted for easier use. Please check back soon.

Based on one of the most popular sections of scripture, these sermons on the Beatitudes will challenge you to rethink faith, how it develops, how it grows, and how it is manifested.

If you're looking for a unique, insightful and eye-opening study of the Beatitudes, we think you'll enjoy this sermon series.

Originally part of a 30+ lesson series on the entire Sermon on the Mount, we've chose this section to include in our Internet sermon material.  Many have asked about the subsequent lessons, but right now, they are unavailable.  But, this selection of sermons on the Beatitudes is a series in itself, and well worth sharing with others.

We think you'll not only enjoy these lessons, but we're confident that they will encourage and motivate a deeper appreciation of faith, and a deeper understanding of God's will for those who would be disciples of Jesus Christ.

We've included one extra sermon on The Salt of The Earth.

 Mt 5:1-2 -- He Began to Teach Them

Mt 5:3-12 -- The Connection Between the Beatitudes and Faith (an overview)

Mt 5:3 --  The Poor in Spirit

Mt 5:4 --  Those Who Mourn

Mt 5:5 --  The Meek

Mt 5:6 --  Hungering and Thirsting After Righteousness

Mt 5:7 --  The Merciful

Mt 5:8 --  The Pure in Heart

Mt 5:9 --  The Peacemakers

Mt 5:10 --  The Persecuted

Mt 5:11-12 --  The Beatitudes Expanded -- Prepare for Battle

Mt 5:13 --  The Salt of the Earth