Devotional Articles

In the early 1990s, it was hard to find well-written, spiritually uplifting, helpful devotional material on the Internet. It was still the early years of Internet resources.  Bill Denton saw the potential for communicating with people far beyond the normal spheres of connection and he started to send his weekly articles out to friends via email.  One day, he found a request in his inbox that stated a person’s desire to be added to his mailing list.  Bill didn’t even know he had a “mailing list” so he quickly scrambled to consult with some friends, and thus was born the CrossTies Ministry email list. That list grew to several thousand email address for people around the world, and Bill’s articles were read by thousands, and often reprinted in church bulletins, print magazines, newspapers, and later, republished by various online resources and mailing lists.

Today, the mailing list is gone, and has been replaced by a blog.  The same devotional articles are available on the blog site, plus Bill occasionally writes additional articles and publishes them on the blog too.

People can still subscribe to the articles, or just visit the blog to read them. We can honestly say that it still surprises us to find the CrossTies articles being reprinted, linked, or otherwise shared by many readers. Thanks to everyone who has made these articles so popular.  Bill often says, “It really is a humbling experience to be able to reach so many people in so many places. Who would have thought it possible just a few years ago?”

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